“James P. Delgado, master and commander of maritime history, tells a robust tale of Vancouver’s waterfront from the period when prehistoric mariners landed their skin boats on the timbered shores of Burrard Inlet to its present role as a vibrant, booming Pacific port and key player in the 21st century’s global trade. Beautifully illustrated, meticulously researched, the pages recreate images of the period . . . A must read for maritime history buffs.”

The Honourable Pat Carney

“A well-written and fascinating account of the historical importance of our west coast Pacific Water Ways.”

Philip Owen

“James is smitten with the way we interact with water and land and it shows. Delgado is my favourite transplanted American underwater archeologist . . . the fact that he is the only one I know, adds to his mistique. This book has awakened my intrigue with the harbour at Vancouver and the coastal waterways too.”

Vicki Gabereau

“James Delgado’s consummate sense of history lends a unique, compelling dimension . . . This is a book for every British Columbian, indeed every Canadian, every newcomer and visitor. Of its genre, it is a masterpiece.”

Patrick Reid