“When Charles Wilkins gets going on the Metis uprisings, the Last Spike, the end of the buffalo, Klondike gold and much else, the Mounties sometimes have to fight for space in their own history. The Wild Ride is a great story, and Charles Wilkins rides it for all it is worth.”

-Christopher Moore is a writer and commentator on Canadian history

The Wild Ride is a great read at so many levels. History, culture and the fabric of Canada play out page after page. The veneer is stripped away revealing the truth about the March West and the settling of the western provinces. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”

-Senator Larry Campbell is a former RCMP officer and Mayor of Vancouver

The Wild Ride, which chronicles the formation of the Mounties and their legendary march west from Central Canada, suggests Prime Minister John A. Macdonald was briefed on crime around Fort Edmonton and southern Alberta before he announced his intention to create the forerunner of today’s RCMP. Wilkins tells the story, with all its warts, in an artfully illustrated text with tidbits gleaned from 19 other books on the era. The jacket warns it’s no tale for the faint of heart.”

-Edmonton Journal