Charles Wilkins has written fifteen books, including Walk to New York, about his 2,200-km hike from Thunder Bay to New York City,The Circus at the Edge of the Earth, about his travels with the Great Wallenda Circus, and In the Land of Long Fingernails, about the summer of 1969, during which he dug graves in a big corporate cemetery in the east end of Toronto. He has won several national magazine awards and has been a finalist for, among other awards, the Rogers Non-fiction prize, the Trillium Award, the Stephen Leacock Award and the Toronto Book Award. His last four books have all been named to the Globe & Mail’s top 100 Books. During a decade in Winnipeg as a young writer, Wilkins developed a lasting fascination with the geography that is the backdrop to this book. He has also lived in Israel and the Bahamas and is now a resident of Thunder Bay, Ontario, where he lives with his three children..